lecture theatre 5013to be titledpoints of intersection

Points of Intersection

Performance (Camera, Monitor, Assessment Staff)


An attempt to reconcile an adherence to the maxim 'elegance through irreducibility' with the concept/art-object distinction of conceptualism: if the art lies in the idea, isn't the object an unnecessary, even tangential addition?

The solution was the development of a work that served to further the process of investigation that led to its creation. This required viewer feedback, and not merely a presentation of a work for the sake of presentation.

Echoing the liminal nature of audience/collaborator, the piece is simultaneously presented and not.

An extremely site- and time-specific performance, the documentation of which is coterminous with the event itself.

The resolution is a performance by an assessment group, consisting of a recursive assessment of the work they're assessing. Essentially, it becomes an artwork contemplating itself. The presentation will be a live feed of my assessment relayed through a monitor to the assessment group.