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Augustine Confessions
Barolsky, P. Ovid & the Metamorphoses of Modern Art
Bayley, S. The Private Life of the Diary
Bayley, S. Taste
Benjamin, W. Archive
Benjamin, W. The Work of Art [...] Mechanical Reproduction
Beresford, J. The Miseries of Human Life
Berger, B. Confabulations
Boswell, J., Johnson, S. Journal of a Tour to the Hebrides
Bourke, J. The Story of Pain
Buchloh, B, et al. Thomas Hirschhorn
Buttner, A.(ed.) Dieter Roth Diaries
Calasso, R. The Art of the Publisher
Darger, H. Henry Darger: 1892-1973
Darger, H. Art and Selected Writings
Dean, T. Woman with a Red Hat
Defoe, W. A Journal of the Plague Year
Frank, A. The Diary of a Young Girl
Garfield, S. To The Letter
∘ Gingko Press Installation Art Now
Gooderham, W.B. Dedicated To...
de Hamel, C. Meetings with Remarkable Manuscripts
Heathfield, A, Hsieh, T. Out of Now [...] Tehching Hsieh
Herbert, M. Tell Them I Said No
Hogg, J. The Private Memoirs [...] of a Justified Sinner
Jackson, H.J. Marginalia
Leader, D. Stealing the Mona Lisa
Le Bon, L. Panorama 18
Leonardo Leonardo's Notebooks
Lomas, D. Narcissus Reflected
Lyas, C. Aesthetics
Obrist, H. Everything [...] about Curating
Orwell, G. Why I Write
Ovid The Metamorphoses