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Pepys, S., Morshead, O.F.(ed.) Everybody's Pepys
Pepys, S., Latham, R. The Illustrated Pepys
Perry, G. Playing to the Gallery
Pinker, S. The Sense of Style
Polo, M. The Travels of Marco Polo
Poon, J. Feeding Hannibal: A Connoiseur's Cookbook
Redzepi, R. NOMA
Rilke, R.M. Letters to a Young Poet
Rimbaud, A., Cameron, N. A Season in Hell & Other Poems
Royoux, Jean-Christophe, et al. Tacita Dean
Savig, M. Pen to Paper
Seba, A. Cabinet of Natural Curiosities
Serres, M. The Five Senses
Sheppard, A. Aesthetics
Stoker, B. Dracula
∘ Various Inspired? Get Writing!
∘ Various Paper: Material, Medium and Magic
∘ Various Tacita Dean: Landscape Portrait Still Life
Wilde, O. The Decay of Lying and Other Essays
Woolf, V. A Moment's Liberty
Woolf, V. A Writer's Diary
Wordsworth, D. The Grasmere & Alfoxden Journals