Craig Sims




How is the media used related to ideas in the work?

I have tried to do without all physical media, all I have, what I have is an archive of all my work so far this year, digitised and transcribed and on a website all hyperlinked and indexed. My idea for it was to make accessible what was before just stacks of stuff and now I can safely navigate and collate links and dig back into it. My own work is now more accessible to me for building more work.

How is your biography reflected in your work?

Quite accutely. It's a record of work, it's a sort of, I think of it as quite a diaristic thing more than an artwork, it traces little meandering thoughts and idle speculations, interesting quotes and things, accumulated over the course of the year. In that sense it is biographical.

How is the work unique?

There are many different archives but there is no archive quite like mine, in that it is my work. Beyond that I haven't really striven for uniqueness particularly, it is a useful tool, I have tried to make it adhere to principles of indexing and cataloging and I hope that that is enough for it, it is certainly enough for my intentions to it which is for it not to be a device for a future artwork.