Craig Sims




Dear Assessors,

The culminating work of this year is an online archive: a digital catalogue and codification of my practice, housing all the textual and visual traces of my investigative process. Never one to leave a premise un-run with, I have digitised and dissipated to the degree that I have no material presence whatever at either this assessment, nor at the succeeding exhibition.

So, in lieu, I offer you this:

As a working goal I have confined myself to presenting nothing that is otherwise ineligible for assessment — save the mandatory presentation of my three positioning papers and their supporting material. All exhibitions, study trips, scraps of ephemera, bibliography entries, commissions, and assorted
documentation thereof pertain to the protracted period between the end of Semester 2's assessment and the beginning of Semester 3's.

One arguable exception might be the presence of Volume I and II (the journals of the first two semesters, respectively). I am satisfied, however, that their content is less pertinent than is the work gone into their digital cataloguing.

Of course, the requisite particulars of assessment are duly accounted for — my statement of practice may be found under ‘Annotations'. My self-assessment forms are stored in ‘Ephemera', under ‘MFA ASP — Semester III Miscellaneous Documentation'. Beyond these formalities, you are most welcome and encouraged to rummage and rove...

Happy meandering,

Craig Sims