Craig Sims




On Pain

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You will not often find me in the habit of auto-haruspicy — not, at least, on this topic, & certainly not to others — but you might, I am hopeful, concede me one digression:

  I am in pain. I have been so for nine of my thirty-one years.

  I will confess to you that as a subject for scrutiny it enthralls me little. The intrusions of an unwelcome & demanding tenant hardly dispose the host towards extraneous attentiveness, after all. Still, I am presented here with an opportunity I so often resist: to metabolise.

  I, like you, am but a clambering contraption of meat & marrow; a tangle of nerves & knotted tissue. So pointed an awareness of this inglorious truth does pain insatiably compel, what answer is there but to hoist the carnal into the conceptual? I extend to you then, from one thinking creature to another, a refuge of resonant images, that we might both better know the