Craig Sims





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Research swells the veins of my contracted-expanded practice.

  The process of which aspires to the scholarly, yet remains emancipated by the raptorial dilettantism of the artist. A student of the savage & the sensual, my chief quarry is the chimera: the gilded grotesquery & the elided delineation.

  Mine is, itself, a reconciliatory enterprise, seeking to spiral ever more tightly towards an absolute confluence of practice, process & production. The itch for singularity, long etched into my labour's bones, finds a measure of solace in the gestation of my ever-incipient archive.

  Cradling the twin definitions of Thomas Hirschhorn's “ramification", it is both the branching & inevitable consequence of a process that trails behind it the residues of research. Liberated from the linear constraints of the codex, my transcribed journals — & their attendant
annotations — enjoy a rhizomatic rarefaction: a digital sublimation of the art of the Commonplace Book.

  Collection & recollection, Umberto Eco recognised in such personal libraries not the lifeless vanity of the trophy room, but the fruitful vitality of the menagerie — an active & expanding instrument for inveterate reference & research. Here accrue the variegated traces of investigation in a systematically spatial & temporal Bringing Together of Things — & not necessarily of Dieter Roth's “like-minded things", but things disparate, diffuse. In establishing the esoteric in the society of the everyday, discordant skeins of information coalesce: syntheses assert themselves.

  This species of conceptual & contextual collage is cultivated largely through the crafting of essayistic text. Framed & ligatured in impasto prose, much is metabolised through the sinew of a syllable, the scent &